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Hello there!a If youare after a cab near Paddington station that is not only low in cost, but also immaculate and ever reliant, then 24H MINICAB Minicabs are the company of choice! We‘ve been working all over London for more than 35 years and are acutely aware of how important a punctual service is a as well as value for money when it comes to cabs across the Paddington station area.a It wonat take you long to realise that a cab with us is miles cheaper than a regular black taxi. Why? Because minicabs offer rates that are affordable to everyday, local passengers - in contrast to the black cabs that regularly serve visitors from other countries, or corporate clients who think nothing of a high fare. Itas a fact that you can make significant savings going down the minicab route - anywhere between 35%-50% for a Paddington station cab. Now thatas not to be sniffed at! Investing in the latest navigation and dispatch technology, our minicabs are first class, as well as having well trained, experienced staff who ensure an excellent service each and every time. So whether you need a cab from Paddington station to your home, the west end or just down the road, call us to get the best fares and service in town. By harnessing cutting edge technology, we can now keep longer data records, make bookings that much quicker, lessen dead mileage and also develop the general effectiveness in and around the work place.a It goes without saying that each of our cabs around Paddington station are fully insured and TFL approved. So, if you need a taxi, simply call 020 8819 9151 and get the number 1 rates in town! You can take advantage of our fantastic low fares to all the major airports from Paddington station. You can go to Heathrow airport with us from as little as a£28!

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